Thursday, March 1, 2012

Station 7 - Jesus Falls For the Second Time

Station 7 - Jesus Falls For The Second Time

This piece was originally created by Jackson Potts II, for a collection of works hanging in Xnihilo Gallery. The installation is a modern take on the traditional Stations of the Cross, and the gallery requested 15 artists to each depict one of the stations. Due to reasons which will be explained in subsequent posts, the gallery was not able to hang this piece. We invite you to view it here and to comment upon it.

Here is Jackson's artist statement.

Jesus Falls for the Second Time.
When I came up with this idea for my piece, one of the things that I wanted to show was that Jesus was innocent, and the crowd still wanted him to die. So I used a child (my brother Dietrich) to show the innocence of Jesus and how wrong it was for him to be treated that way. The police officer was just doing his job, as was the guard that was escorting Jesus to Skull Hill. The crowd was angry and violent except the one girl in the blue dress, who represents the people who loved Jesus.

Jackson Potts II
I am 10 years old and have been apprenticing in photography for the last year and a half, and have now been on over 100 professional shoots. I've also done a few of my own shoots, including a wedding. I am still learning to control light and understand how to use it to create different effects. I am planning to be a professional photographer when I grow up, working alongside my dad.

I would like to thank:
Carol Wagener, for helping with makeup advice.
Rona Lamont, for the costuming of the police officer.
The Crowd, for showing up early on that cold morning.
Dietrich, for getting cold and sticky with fake blood.
Kevin Dean, for taking my direction and getting up extra early.
Dad, for helping with my lighting diagram, and driving me all over.
My mom, for everything.

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